Why fans think BLACKPINK is disbanding in 2023

Below in this page, we will be exploring on a new entertainment rumor that has been spreading on the internet that popular bank BlackPink is going to disband in this year 2023.

This new hat BLACKPINK fans worried as many are convinced that the rumor is true. How true is it? Find out Below.

Who are BlackPink

If you’re not aware, know that BlackPink is a music band with members such as Lisa. The band is currently in contract with Yg Entertainment which was recently reported to have issues with Lisa.

We found out that BLACKPINK loved by many are winning more hearts with it’s spectacular music’s with the artists breaking several records in music with amazing ambassadorship to brands and as their contract ends this 2023 with YG Entertainment, people are wondering if the band will disband.

What we know

We strongly knew and report that the Disbanding news are rumors and sometimes rumors are not true. This is is not confirmed yet as we only have report of Lisa having issues with her contract with YG and other stars like Jennie, Jisoo and Rosa are performing well.

I think the main report that led to people thinking they would disband is the news of Lisa having issues with her contract but YG Entertainment were quick to note that the issue doesn’t necessarily leads to Disbandment and they are sorting it out.