What Julie and the Phantoms Stars Are Up to After Show’s Cancellation

Below in this page, validnewstoday will explore on the current situation of the Julie and the The Phantom as the anticipated show has been cancelled.

It’s been announced that the popular Netflix show, called Julie and the Phantom was cancelled after the first season was released. This update has made viewers have a popular show angry as as fans were eagerly waiting for a second season after the season 1 aired an kept fans in suspense.

for those that didn’t know the popular Netflix show Julie and the phantoms tell us the story of a high school students named Julie who was The talented singer and songwriter.

Julie do we lost her mother and since then has refused to perform in public but this came to an end when she made the phantoms where ghost band from the 90s.

This was an interesting serious projecting the life of Julie who who enables fans to see the Phantom as they can only be seen when they perform with julie.

Now, recently  That the show will be stoped even though fans have all tried hard to save the series, but now it’s official that they will be no season 2.