Below in this page we will explore on the meaning of the latest error message called Post is being processsed as many users on tik-tok has been reporting the app shows the said error message.

So, if you are receiving a message while trying to post on Twitter saying post is being processed know that you are not alone and below we explore on the new and different reasons for this said error.

First, let’s start by telling you the meaning of the error message. The error message that says post is being processed appeared on the TiK ToK app when your video refused to post and this is one of tik-tok most common errors and has a call to several users a lot of time.

The reasons for this address are many and sometimes it is because the video content the user tries to post is inappropriate and was flagged by tik-tok team as the video may break tita community guidelines but sometimes this error message can appear when you try to put an appropriate and a video that follows TiK ToK guidelines so it does not mean mean that the video was flagged.

Below is a number of reasons why your video may say show the error message post is being processed