Today, fans of the F1 race have gotten an official post from Formula 1 Twitter account, the post contains the 2022 race calendar on New Year’s Day with the Miami Grand Prix subject to FIA circuit homologation.

What does this actually mean ahead of F1’s first trip to Miami?

It’s taken nearly six years since the F1 was brought to America and in 2022, F1 will finally visit the first of these the cities with the Miami Grand Prix.

The 2022 Grand Prix marks the first race in the city means that there are two grands prix in the United States with Circuit of the Americas in Texas.

In the tweet posted by F1, about the 2022 F1 calendar, the Miami Grand Prix was marked as ‘subject to FIA Circuit Homologation.’

What does this mean?

Since the initial idea for the Miami Grand Prix was for it to run through downtown Miami and with this in mind, the local residents of Miami are objected to the plan and this makes it difficult as actions like access roads and pita are considered

But if the race will be held in and around the site of the Miami Dolphins’ Hardrock Stadium then it can be possible. Since the race is a 19-turn, 3.3-mile anti-clockwise circuit, due to last 57 laps..

Before the cars hit the track ahead of the grand prix weekend on the weekend of May 6-8th 2022, the track must pass the FIA circuit homologation test. It is a new track, the venue must pass strict safety tests.

At every stage through the process of the Miami Grand Prix, from the initial drawings to construction of the track, it will have been done so with the FIA’s circuit homologation tests in mind.