VNT VENDOR Terms of Use

Thank you for finding time to read the terms of Using the services offer by VNT VENDOR, Like you’ve seen on about page we offer our users an option of selling their Cryptocurrency Coins like Bitcoins to us.

Our Rates.

We promise to pay you higher rates for your Cryptocurrency Coins and as stated in our page we pay you 500.00 Nigerian Naira per Dollar for your Crypto Coins and this amount can however anytime be adjusted or change by us and when that is done we will update our rate amount on both here and our VNT VENDOR page.


Since Cryptocurrency is easy, safe and fast we understand that if you have transferred your Crypto Coins to us we will get the transfer notice on our Provided wallet within 10 minutes and as said we will pay you cash for your coins within 30 Minutes. Please note that once you have transferred your coins, they is no refund of coins we will only pay you cash to the account number provided.

If any problem occurs during your payment and we could not see your transferred coin, we will not pay you until we get a notification for the transfer. However we can both come in terms on solution for why the transfer have not arrived.

And if we pay you by transferring the said amount to the account you provided, and you are unable to get the payment, we are not responsible for the failure you are having in receiving the payment but we may be able to help you by sharing you our Bank transaction History/report to show you that the said amount was really transferred to your account.

Our Cryptocurrency addresses.

Our Only Bitcoin Address is:


Please Cross check this address before sending your coins to avoid mistake as you are on your own if you misplace this address.

To sell other coins and token other than Bitcoin, please at this time you can only Contact us on WhatsApp using our Contact +2348153476584, 08153476584. You can use our Contact us page to see how to contact us.

The Policies on this page was written by Validnewstoday (OGE LALA BUSINESS CONCEPT), It maybe adjusted and edited at any time.