Stray Kids Are Back! The K-Pop Group Returns With 2023 Comeback ‘5-Star’ Album, ‘S-Class’

Below Ithis page, we will explore on the Stray Kids return as the The K-Pop Group Returns With theue 2023 ‘5-Star’ Album using it as a welcome comeback for fans.

The ‘S-Class’Stray Kids, is a K-pop group under JYP Entertainment an d this year they come with a third full-length album, titled “5-Star, that is set for drop tomorrow, June 2, 2023.

The album is huge and have achieved over 4.93 million preorders which broke K-pop records and got more fans for the StrayKids which is known for writing their own music

The StaryKids members are Bang Chan, Han, and Changbin and their most recent album was 2022’s MAXIDENT, which included the track “CASE 143,” their first “love” song.