Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s relationship made headlines, how long were they married?

Below in his page, we will be exploring on the Relationship headlines of the day as Katy Perry and Russell Brand’ has been Trending after they started to date and it leads to people asking how long were they married? Keep reading below to find out.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are currently separated and now with a new partners after they marriage ends sooner. It did not last and the news is also making headlines like when they had started dating.

Currently it’s a trending topic of social media platforms, let’s discuss further below.

How long Katy Perry and Russell Brand married?

The marriage of Katy and Russell only lasted for 14 Months.

Katy and Russell were married for 14 months. They started dating shortly after they met each other at the VMAs show of 2019 and just e months when they started dating, he proposed to her while on trip to India.

Like we see in the news, today,y they married didn’t last as they are now officially divorce and this was done with Russell breaking up with the Katy via a text message.