How to reduce hair fall naturally 2023 validnewstoday

This is very common problem with men and women specially for men and they think How to reduce hair fall. There are many reasons for hair fall but rather than discussing reasons we will like to go the solution of hair fall. The natural ways of overcoming and reducing Hair fall naturally are following.

1) Take Proper sleep minimum 8 hours.
2) Take plenty of water and use hair oil at least weekly to stop dandruff because dandruff is also one of the causes of hair fall.
3) Don’t take stress and tension it also causes hair fall.
4) Apply Amla and Black seed Hair oil to reduce hair fall it works very effectively.
5) Apply Onion juice on scalp.
6) You can also use vitamin capsule on your hair.
7) Comb your hair daily because it helps to circulates the blood in brain.