How to protect yourself from Heart Attack

Healthy heart is a key to health and long life which is free from anxiety, depression and blood pressure. The question that comes in everyone mind is how to get him/her self safe from heart attacks and blood pressure which commonly don’t leave the patient till the end of life. So before getting in trouble you should get your self safe before hand rather than going to spend your life with never lasting disease and large number of medicines having hundreds of side effects
. The most common cause of heart disease is blockage of arteries which supplies blood to the heart. Now I am going you to tell the basic and necessary natural tips for your health heart so that you come to know how to protect yourself from heart attack.

            You know about 25% of Americans are having cardiovascular diseases. Every 1 out of 5 women is having cardiovascular disease. The healthy diet is a diet which is rich in vitamin C and fiber and low in cholesterol, fat and sodium. Now I am coming up the natural tips to prevent cardiovascular diseases. First you should take exercise daily the daily base exercise plays a vital role in developing proper health and increases grow rate. Secondly have fruits and vegetable in your diet rather than having meat. Let’s have a glance at foods how they protect yourself from heart disease.

1)      Amla is rich in vitamin C hence considered good for this type of disease

2)      Honey plays important role in strengthens of the heart just mix one table spoon of honey and lemon in water before sleeping that will help you a lot in the that disease.

3)      Red Grapes nectar is a natural source of vitamin and fibers which helps in regulating blood pressure.

4)      Parsley is another worth having home remedy for such type patients. Parsley tea can be taken 2-3 times a day.

5)      Apple is also rich in fibers and makes the heart strong and works more effectively.

6)      Smoking and Drinking increases the chances of heart attacks.

7)      Pomegranate is strongly recommended for heart patients and most of doctors advice the patients to take it.