How to make Noodles Kebab 2023 style

Bored of eating same meal ? Want to try something different? Here is a mouthwatering and  very easy-to-cook recipe for you.


Chicken                       2 breast piece (shredded)

Spaghetti/noodles        1 cup (boiled)

Green chilies               4 (crushed)

Crushed red pepper    1tbsp

Green onion                ½ cup (chopped)

Coriander                    3tbsp (fresh & chopped)

Soya sauce                 2 tbsp

Bread crumbs             for coating ( as needed)

White Sauce Ingredients:

Flour                            4tbsp

Salt                              1tsp

Black pepper               ½ tsp

Butter                          2tbsp

Milk                            ½ cup


Step 1:  Take 2tbsp of butter in a saucepan and put it on low flame. As it melts, add 4tbspflour, 1tsp of salt, ½ tsp black pepper. Cook it on low flame and stir it continuously. Now add 1/2cup milk and cook it for some time on low flame while stirring until it thickens. Turn off the flame. Your white sauce is ready.

Step 2:  Boil the chicken breast and shred it.

Step 3: Boil 1 cup spaghetti and break them into small pieces of an inch or 2 , so they are no more longer.

Step 4:  Now take white sauce in a big bowl. Add 2tbsp of soya sauce, 3tbsp of fresh coriander, ½ cup green onions, 4 crushed green chilies, shredded chicken, and spaghetti. Now mix them well. Mash them altogether to form a very thick mixture.

Step 5: Now take some mixtures and make kebabs of any shape you like i.e circle, sphere, cylinder etc.

Step 6:  after giving the mixture shape of kebabs. Take some bread crumbs in a plate and dip the kebabs to cover them with bread crumbs.

Step 7: Heat the oil in a pan. And fry the kebabs at medium flame. Serve hot with bar b que sauce or ketchup.

**You can also add something other vegetables of your choice for examples onions, carrots, capsicum all thinly chopped. Other spices can also be added according to your taste for examples paprika, white pepper, etc.