How to get rid of Foot Blisters Fast

Foot Blisters are generally very frustrating and painful which wouldn’t let you walk briskly or run at a constant pace. They arise due to the sweat and temperature inside your shoes enabling a friction with your foot and insole of the shoe. The foot blisters are mostly the round spots under your foot sole containing a liquid which is painful even within or without the skin because while it stays inside, your foot skin rejects as being not part of your skin and when it is burst open, it generally causes a wound or cut on your foot surface which is too vulnerable to bear the pressure on foot. Foot Blisters are not much of big problems for your skin but you should take care of them before they arise to be serious bacterial infections. In this post, “How to get rid of Foot Blisters” we are going to discuss some minor and very useful methods to avoid foot blisters.

Give your feet some air:

get rid of foot blistersTake off your shoes and socks and let your feet breath in the air. The biggest reason of the foot blisters is the sweat and temperature inside the shoe. Wear your flip flops in your free time and you can get rid of these irritating water bubbles within days by doing this practice or in order to have a quick relief, keep reading.

Take out the liquid:

take out the liquid of blistersFor quick relief, it is best to take out the liquid from these bubbles as it is the key ingredient of irritation and pain on your foot skin. All you need to do is take a clean and sterilized needle and make a small hole inside the bubble and by squishing the skin around it for a little time period, all the liquid will be taken out of it. In order to sterilize the needle, you can either dip into methylated spirit, alcohol or any other sterilizing method especially by putting it on fire for some time and it will be ready to use for your foot blisters. The basic technique of this process here is that you do not take off the skin portion under which the liquid was hidden under no circumstance. It is because; after you remove the skin the skin will be more open to bacterial infections.

Applying antibacterial cream or solution:

apply anti bacterial creamAfter you are done with the above process, now it is time to treat the foot blisters so that it wouldn’t occur again. You can either use an antibacterial ointment or any antibacterial solution over the deflated skin portion. This will help the infected area recover to its original shape and avoid further infection. You need to consider the precaution of not removing the deflated skin in this part too.

Using a Bandage:

using a bandageThe skin surface after being treated by an antibacterial solution or a cream needs to be covered at all times until it is fully recovered. Thus for this cause, you can use moleskin, self-adhesive bandages or liquids which do not expose it to further infection. Make sure that the infected area is not covered 24 hours a day and you need to keep changing the bandage twice or thrice in a day.

Foot Blisters are just minor infections arisen due to excessive use of closed and airtight shoes. They generally occur in summer season but can also happen in winters too due to constant heat and temperature emerging inside the shoes and feet skin. They can be easily avoided and cured with help of open shoes as well as in case they had already occurred to you, you can try these 4 steps and answer the question “how to get rid of foot blisters” by yourself.