How to gain and boost Self Confidence

Since you stepped into your teenage your body and mind were craving to make your personality recognized and this feeling and ability to prove it to yourself and ultimately to the world is called self-confidence. Not many people are born with this quality and of course all of this doesn’t happen overnight and you might need to work hard to attain your desired acquisition. So the basic question here is how to gain self-confidence and here we are going to discuss some of the tips and tactics to boost up your self-confidence without using anyone’s help, given as under


1 Consider your hesitancies:

gain self confidenceFirst of all, you have to take some time out and think for a moment that what those voices say in your head? These are the same voices which would remind you about all the bad and shameful things which might have occurred to you in the past due to low self-confidence. Let them come into your brain once and write down each one of your problems, insecurities, shameful incidents, reasons of guilt or any other inferior feelings which make you feel unworthy. Now since after you have written each one of it on a piece of paper, read them out loud for once and after doing so burn that paper down by saying all of this wouldn’t happen again. By the time you are done, you will already be feeling much positive.


2 Start taking Risks:

take a risk to gain confidenceThis is one of the key factors in gaining self-confidence. You won’t know the depth of water until you are fully into it. On other hand sitting on the brink and just thinking about how beautiful it would be swim in it is quite cowardly act. This rules apply to everything in life, you cannot judge anything or anyone without experiencing them.  In case of persons, if you are talk shy then don’t be because the human race is born to communicate and unless you do not get up and talk there is no point of being a human. Some people are nice but some can be mean, stupid or complete idiots but no big deal, next time you would know how to tackle such people.  In case of things or objectives, just remember if you wouldn’t challenge yourself to attain and get to those objectives you will always be coward in your own eyes and you don’t want that. Once you start taking such risks, all of your fears and doubts will be gone and you will be a step ahead in gaining complete confidence.


     3 Learn from your mistakes:

learn from mistake

Just remember that all the worthwhile lessons are learnt from the worst mistakes. Nobody on this earth is perfect and so are you, you will learn only from your mistakes not from anyone else’s. It is your right to make mistakes but it’s your duty to learn from them too.





4 Realize your achievements:

gain self confidenceRemember that what you have now is due to all the achievements you had made in the past and there are more to come. Everybody starts from scratch but few realize it others just criticize themselves for their failures and never give themselves the credit. Quit this habit, give yourself complete credit of your successes and motivate yourself to achieve more success.


5 Say Good bye to unconfidential Life:

how to gain-self-confidenceLife is not the bed full of roses and you cannot always get what you want but you can be happy with what you have and what you are. This is the main theme of being self-confident. If you feel insecure or unhappy just fake it, like you do not care about it. Start every day with a smile on your face and meet everyone cheerfully, just forget perfectionism and accept who you are.