Below in this page, we will be explore on what happen in the Titanic and also explore on the bodies on the Titanic wreckage.

The most trending news in the internet today is that of the Titanic and this because of the unfortunate incident that occurred, this week.

The Tragedy of the Titanic submersible expedition is the latest and below we will tell on what happened to the bodies on the Titanic and how long it took the ship to sink on the ocean floor.

The new of the Titanic submarine started as soon as reports it had lost connection and people started to fear for the 5 people who were at the submarine on adventure to see the great Titanic ship and wreckage.

The Titanic submarine implosion have gone viral online after 5 individuals paid $250,000 to dive down to the Titanic wreck to see the historical ship on the ocean floor but it took a bad turn and history repeat itself after 100 years in a very bad way.

About the bodies on the Titanic and how long it took to sink, we continue to explore below, so read on.

How long it sinked

After the historical event of the Titanic wreck 100 years ago, a Titanic submersible heading to the Titanic wreck went missing earlier this week whole boarding 5 people and the Titanic wreck having struck by a fatal iceberg after hitting it, took less than three hours to sink.

The bodies on the Titanic?

As per reports, the death o. The Titanic was approximately 1500 on that fatal night and not all bodies was recovered.

It was stated that only a quarter of the victims body were recovered by multiple retrieval ships and the rest sank on or inside the ship.

Let’s explore more below;

Exploring more on the sad incident, 68 percent of the people on board of the Titanic sadly died on the fatal night and it was reported that if the lifeboats had been properly used, more than half of the victims would have been saved.

After the incident, a total of four ships sailed to the site to recover the bodies and approximately 330 bodies were found and it was only 23 percent of died victims. After that 125 people were buried at sea.