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Howdy, Great one as you’ve been chosen to join the great VNT. VNT Stands for Validnewstoday, which is an Entertainment News Platform Owned and Managed by OGE LALA BUSINESS CONCEPT with registration Number 3352863.

This is a page created for Interested Content writers who wants to joined the website author team and write post contents for Validnewstoday.

Employment Agreement

“Please Read the Agreement Below before registering.”

Being an Author on this website (Validnewstoday.com) means that you will write Original and current Contents (news) articles. What this means is that you are not allowed to copy post Contents directly from other websites as your own articles but you can read and understand the posts you want to write (copy) and then rewrite in your own words.

The same way, you can not copy Title of posts seen online as your own title but you can read and understand the post then rewrite the post title to your own work.

All articles or posts must be written by you yourself, and you agree not allowed to give any other person permission to write for you. If you want to breach this policy please first write to the Admin of this website on WhatsApp 08153476584.

Do not share your password or Logins with anybody.

Do not Write a post on your own personal interest or for someone you may know. All posts or article must be related to the niche gievn to you by the Admin (OGE EBUBE KINGSLEY).

No Promotion of Hate or Violence in your posts. This means that no hate speech abusive words should be found on your posts or articles.

No posting of Graphic Contents or Pornographic Contents (Images or Videos) on Validnewstoday.

No Promotion of offer or Advertisement can be found through your posts or article. To breach this agreement contact the admin first on WhatsApp 08153476584.

Please no user or author are allowed to click on advertisement banners or texts found on Validnewstoday. Please avoid this and do not encourage others to click on these ads.

Please Read the Above Agreement very Well and read and agree on our Privacy policy and Terms of Use before Filling and Submitting the form Below.

On the form Below, please use your Full Name on the box that says Username.

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