A new chapter of boruto, chapter 66 has officially been released and has been trending all over social media since its release and spoilers of the revelation of the death of a major character. 

Made For fans of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series.


Boruto chapter 66 is set to release worldwide on Thursday, January 20th or Friday, January 21stdepending on your international geographical location.

The next chapter from the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga series will be available to read digitally cuz media and manga plus platforms.

The new chapter will launch in English from 10 AM EST/3 PM GMT on the described date, as confirmed by Manga Plus’ official series page.


According to the popular and typically reliable page organic dinosaur, chapter 66 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations title will be “Kill or Be Killed.”

The chapter opens by focusing on Kawaki’s new Karma-activated arm as he has a flashback to a conversation with Amado about the “power” he wishes to wield.

Code and Ada are confused by Kawaki having ‘Karma’ again, discussing how to make the repairs to his arm and the subsequent battle might have been the conditions required to “awaken that power.”

Kawaki stares at his arm and then coldly at Borushiki, who starts to taunt Kawaki as the two begin to square off.

Suddenly, nine black rods are generated from Kawaki and are aimed straight at Borushiki, who is able to dodge the initial attack. Kawaki then transforms his arm into a scythe and launches another attack, which Borushiki is again able to dodge – but the attacks are getting closer.

He then notices that four black cubes are materialising in the sky above them before they quickly crash to the ground for yet another blistering attack.

Meanwhile, Code’s claw is still around Shikamaru’s neck and he begins to slowly dig deeper as Kawaki and Naruto talk. Naruto asks

Just how far are you willing to go

Kawaki replies,

“I’m just doing whatever needs to be done, for your sake.”

Borushiki attempts a flanking attack when Kawaki is distracted, but he is able to dispel the chakra that was being prepared in the technique.

Kawaki then uses an “unnamed fire ninjutsu” but Borushiki dissipates the flames and tries a kick attack – Kawaki dodges by suddenly shrinking his size and instantly growing again once they are missed.

Borushiki then gains some distance and throws a few Shuriken, but Kawaki makes them shrink too. Attack after attack is attempted from both sides as the battle heats up and whilst both are able to dodge most of them, it’s becoming a nervous watch for Naruto.

Borushiki’s left eye starts to open up, indicating Boruto is re-emerging, but Kawaki makes an open palm gesture as four more black rods generate…they strike Boruto through the arm, shoulder, abdomen and knee, going straight through his body.

A giant black cube appears above them, but Naruto is able to save Boruto just before it comes crashing down.

Naruto then starts to berate Kawaki, explaining how

“This isn’t a joke”

and that he needs to “cool off and calm down” before he kills Boruto.

However, Boruto suddenly sits up and pushes Naruto away, he is holding his hand over his eye. He kneels on the ground and stares off into the distance as he says that they are at a “last resort” option.

Boruto then clasps his hands together making  the serpent hand seal as Naruto screams out in horror. Naruto is able to reach his son again, but Boruto blasts him out of the way using Wind Release Gale Palm.

Kawaki says that Boruto has been preparing for this moment, as Boruto starts to steady himself keeping his eyes firmly on Kawaki.

Kawaki then pierces Boruto straight through the chest…“At least a meter of Kawaki’s transformed arm has gone out the other side” which is now pouring blood.

Naruto watches in terror as Kawaki plunges his arm deeper, bringing the two face-to-face, retracting the arm sends Boruto flying through the air and lands in a crumpled heap.

Boruto lying down flat on his back, with his head turned to his right side. There’s an obvious, gaping hole in his chest. Naruto stands by in complete shock.

This is where the chapter reportedly ends and fans should be made aware that while Boruto’s death has not been confirmed, the injuries sound extremely graphic from the leaks and fatal …so the question is Will Boruto survive?





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