Are Crocs shoes banned from airport as rumor claims

Could you believe the news we have for you, Crocs shoes are banned even at stores… read on Below before panicking though.

in this page below, we will be exploring on the new gossip rumor circulating online claiming that henceforth Crocs shoes are banned at airports.

If you’re active online, then you must have come across one of the clips claiming the story. This leads to people asking if truely  Crocs are being banned from airports. Keep reading below to find out.

According to the post seem online Crocs are banned at airports nd this was spreader long on social medias including Twitter when a use posted a tweet saying;

“Crocs are now banned at airports, malls & railway stations for getting stuck in escalators.”

Not only the tweet I stated above but also many other tweets from user that claims to include even train stations.

How bad is it?, If the popular fashion show is banned.

But is it true?

It’s good new, the answer is No.

We can confirm that Crocs are not being banned from airports or other public places as the wild rumor suggest. You should always note not to believe everything you see online unitl full confirmation of source, so this news is completely fake and no airports across the world have announced a ban on Crocs shoes.