Anna Paulina Luna tweet of the House Oversight UAP hearing, UFO sightings and Batman Ballon

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Below in this page, validnewstoday will be exploring on the talk on Twitter after Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna tweeted about the material that she has gathered for the House Oversight UAP hearing next week.

In the pictures, she posted were one containing some alleged UFO sightings and now people wonder if it is truely UFO, a UAP, or a a Batman Ballon.

Anna Paulina Luna has indeed dark up debate online and  everyone is defending his or her opinion on the topic about UFO and some unbelievable claim.

This one complicate things as it involves a United States congresswoman and people are rather curious to find out about the government’s perception of the strange happenings and do the pictures shared are really true.

The Batman Balloon vs UFO debate online came after Anna Paulina Luna posted a picture on July 26th Twitter with tag;

“ready for the Oversight UAP hearing”

And on one of the picture shared was the one of an object that looks like a Batman-shaped balloon, you can see it above bad this pic cause spiralling that it shows an alleged UFO flying in the sky,m which was captured from the cockpit of a fighter plane, with a part of it visible in the same frame.

The picture also, a date that looks like 2010 or 2018 and it’s followed by a text in orage that reads;

“UFO sighting over the ocean,”