All About My New Year Eve 2022 at Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN)

Happy New Year Everyone, My Name is OGE EBUBE KINGSLEY and I’m going to share you with my my New Year Eve Night Celebration at the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria by Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka.

This was the best New year Eve of my life and I really thanked my stars that k was a part of the event.


Reverend Fr. Ejike Camillus Anthony Mbaka is a Catholic Priest of the Dioceses of Enugu, Nigeria. He is know as an outspoken Nigerian Catholic Priest and is the founder and Main Preist at Adoration Ministries in Enugu, Nigeria.

Mbaka serves as its Spiritual Director of the Ministry (Amen) and he is also recognized in the world with many countries calling him for crusades and masses.


The new year Eve Mass vigil of the Adoration ministry is most likely the most important vigil of the year for the Adoration followers.

The vigil ground is filled with Over 100 of thousands the ministry’s worshippers who take the time to pay and thank God for the gifts of the year and ask the good Lord for his favour and support as they enter a new year.


Like I have said before, I was fortunate to be among one of the celebrants on the vigil mass at the Adoration ground this year and the mass had gone normally just like every other year.

The Blessings the God has shares to us this year will be many and surpasses the Previuous year. I lifted up my candles just my father had told me and he prays for light this year.

He pras that even when there’s darkness, that God will provide it’s light on us because God said He is the light of the World.

See Pictures of the even Below;

In Conclusion, I have received my favour from God for this year and after the Crusade I noted down my prayer point for the Year.

In this year, whether the devil like it or not my God will exolt me, I will be lifted up, divinely lifted up in Jesus name. Amen

This post, does not in any way, impose or judge other religions other Catholic in any way, this is my story and I wanted to share my story on the 31st night Adoration Crusade.


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