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This page are for interested advertisers who have chosen to Advertise with Validnewstoday (owned by OGE LALA BUSINESS CONCEPT).

So in this page, you will find inquiries about advertising on VNT, as you can advertise your product, website, or contents on this great Platform.

Please contact us using any of the contact details in our Contact us page or use

Before inquiring and contacting us, please review the notes below in our advertisements policy and requirements to see if we are good fit for your site/costumers or its audience.

The Supported kinds of ad formats we accept.

At this time, we support the following types of ad formats below and if yours is not in here, tell us about it at:

  • Banner ad: This is a simple block or rectangular shaped ad image.
  • Video Ad: This video as must adhere to our policy and not contain a disturbing image or message, like ,Nudity, Explicit language or text, Gambling and others.
  • Contextual:  This is a word or group of words that are are linked to a website/product within an article/post.
  • Non-Contextual Text:  Your ad is a link outside of an article (ex:  on a widget, or directly on the homepage, or on the sidebar or footer).
  • Contextual Images:  An image that is within an article.  For example, a book review or product review has an image, and that image links to a site where the product may be purchased.
  • Non-contextual Images:  An image that is placed outside of an article (ex:  in the footer, sidebar, etc).
  • Sponsored Post:  You provide us with an article and we publish it. The article must follow the agreement Employment Contract Agreement and our Privacy Policy. 
  • Sponsored Post (written by us):  We write an article about your product or service.  The article, along with its content (text, images) offer the product for purchase through an external site.

At this time, we do not accept, homepage takeovers, or pop-ups ads.

The products/websites you can advertise?

We will not link out to websites or products that are opposed to our Policy or provide fake and unrealistic Product or services.

For example, we’d never link to a book by a psychic who claims to have supernatural powers, or to a supplement that claims to dramatically improve memory or cure cancer as it is against this policy of ours.

We would not advertise for a site that sell products and services that we forbid in our policies. Products like, Drugs, Guns, Hitman, Investment Opportunity, Money and other illicit service to people.

Please Read and Agree on our Advertisement Policy Here

What are your rates?

If you have verified and agreed about our Policy then here comes the easy part, Our Advertisement rates.

Don’t worry, Our rates are very flexible and very affordable and to get the rate please contact us at with your type of ad and format.

As a general rule, the fees for contextual ads are the lowest, and the fees for both Banner ads and non-contextual images ads are the highest

We are happy you could Advertise with us and we ought to give your product service and company real exposure and real customers. Thank you.