Below in this page, we will explore all new hotep Jesus is? As the popular American media personality was also selected to appear on the Gutfeld! show on Fox News.

Many do not know who hotep is and many know him as he appears on popular podcast and touch shows where he gave his blunt opinion political topics and politicians. So for many who do not know him are eagerly waiting to see him and the upcoming gutfeld show and Fox news.

About Hotep Jesus

Hotep Jesus is a popular content creator an author a speaker and marketer. His real name is Bryan Sharpe who has a huge fan base on YouTube and a reputation for himself after he appeared in many big show’s like the Joe Rogan experience InfoWars and others. He also has has his own podcast called HBTY (Hoteps BEEN Told You) which is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and for his podcast, a new episode drops every Thursday at 8 PM on his YouTube page.

Many people love Hotep as he as is blunt and fair when he talks about culture politics and society with his official blog consisting of one of his quote which

“Once a man can face himself, he is now ready to face the world. Until then he is still running from and eluding his own acquisition of power. The power is within, not without. Seek it in the without and you will be without.”