White clothes drops from sky in Ondo state town

Is it possible that a cloth fell from the sky? in Ondo town, how true is that as a prominent locality in Ondo State, questioned these others really desperate to know how and why a white clothes could drop from the sky.

As the fabric softly approaches the ground, the inhabitants of the village where the clothes can be heard shouting and they even fought for a portion of the white cloth, which they said also had a ‘Hosanna’ writing on it.

This incident inspired various claims, and names with one calling it the new generation’s miracles.

A mob gathered outside Alhaji Yesufu’s property in the Sabo section of Ondo town shortly after the incident on October 27, when the object had found a final resting spot after minutes of perplexing descent from the sky.

Fatiha Balogun, a prominent Nollywood actress with over 567,000 Facebook followers, also uploaded the same footage. Since its release on October 29, the video clip has received more than 64,000 views.





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